What does a wedding magician do?

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What does a wedding magician do?

People always asked what does a wedding magician do? So here is a brief overview of what I do!

With fun and humor to fit into any occasion, Sam will leave smiles wherever he goes. He also leaves behind baffled faces as the guests look on in astonishment.

After the ceremony

Sam is the perfect choice to keep your guests entertained during the photographs. He will mix and mingle with your guests sharing his magic and fun, making sure no-one is left out.

The wedding breakfast

It can be a bit awkward if you are meeting people for the first time, so it’s great to have something to break the ice.

With a wedding Magician, every table becomes a mini theatre for a magic show. The magic takes place during dining as your guests are waiting in anticipation of their next course.

Evening Reception

When your guests arrive, Sam will “mix and mingle”, creating his magic. People always say they love magic that happens in their hands, and it does!

Magic and fun is a great way to get your party started. Everyone is catered for from young to old, and everyone gets to join in. No one misses out. If they like magic, they will love Sam.

How long will Sam be with you?

Every wedding is different, and a special package will be put together just for you.

At most weddings, Sam works for around two hours, giving adequate time to perform for all of your guests. How much time you would like Sam for is entirely up to you.  

Why not have a chat with Sam and see how he could add lots of sparkle to your already magical day. Drop Sam a line through the contact form now to arrange a time for a chat.

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