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Wedding Table plan ideas

Wedding Table plan ideas For your Wedding Breakfast

 A seating plan at your wedding reception isn’t always necessary

You can spend hours and hours agonizing over who is sitting next to whom.

So what is the solution? Here are some Alternative Table plan ideas for your wedding breakfast.

Traditional Table Plan

This is what we all know and love (or not). The bride and groom are on the top table along with with there parents, best man, and chief bridesmaid. All of the other tables have name places on them, so everyone knows where to sit.

The Free for All Approach

This is where there is no seating plan at all, Not even a top table! This sounds like it would just be a bit of a bun fight for the “best” spot, but it can work rather well. Your guests will naturally sit with people they like, therefore enjoy the conversation and the meal.

Gentlemen move on approach

The gentlemen move on is quite simple. Everyone starts at a given place, but after each course, the gentlemen move to the next table. This approach keeps the conversation fresh and introduces new people to each other. You can play music while the men are on the move, and when the music stops, they sit down!

The mobile top table

The mobile Top table is just what it sounds like. You and your better half move from table to table after each course. This way everybody gets to see you during the meal.

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