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Should I Invite Children to My Wedding?

I think you should (unless you hate them).

Weddings are a time for families to get together. In many cases, they might not have seen each other for years, so meeting the new members of the family is excellent. But people always ask should I invite children to my wedding?

 It can be hard work for the parents and the children, in that a wedding is a Very long day.

So what can we do to entertain the children and give the parents a chance to enjoy themselves as too?

For very young children you can find a nanny who specializes in looking after children at weddings. Just search wedding nanny.

There is also the option of a sweetie cart which goes down well with the adults too!

A magician booked to do close up for the adults should also be able to do some magic for the children. Make sure you ask him or her that this is something they can do.

Having a children’s magician for an hour is a great way to keep them busy between the wedding breakfast and evening function. The speeches can also be a bit boring for the children so why not have a magic show for them instead of hearing jokes about the stag party! Click here for more details.

The most important thing about having children at a wedding is to make them feel part of the big day — things like, the children having their own name place cards on the table, just like the adults. And maybe a mocktail for the toast?
Remember no wedding is complete without a crying baby and the dads playing with the kids so they can escape from “Auntie Sue”!

I think children should be welcome at a wedding, but as I said at the start if you hate them, its best not to invite them!

Should I Invite Children to my Wedding?

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