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The 4 basics of planning a Great wedding

Brides and grooms can get so caught up in planning the tiny details of their wedding that sometimes they lose sight of the bigger picture.

The basics of planning a wedding are quite simple.

My advice is to start planning from the point of the day that is the most important.
Of course, this is the ceremony.
The venue may be in a church, field or windmill! It doesn’t matter. Once you have that time fixed you can then start planning the rest of the day.

Now that you have your ceremony time fixed (and the venue for it) what’s next?

The Wedding Reception Venue.

Nowadays many receptions take place in the same venue as the ceremony,
but if not, you need to think about how far away your guests will have to travel and if there is enough parking for them?
I’ve seen it many times when the guests still have to walk half a mile to get to you even when they have parked!
When you have chosen where your big day is going to happen, you need to decide how you are going to feed everyone.

The food

There are many choices to choose from. You can have a cold finger buffet or a hot one. A full on five-course sitdown meal or BBQ the chose is yours.
As with everything, it is all down to your taste and budget.

Now you have a framework to build from, Think of it as scaffolding around the house, all you need to do now is build it.

Your guests day begins when they arrive at the wedding ceremony, they will all know what to do here!
After that, they know there will be food!
But what happens in between these events?

The drinks reception.

This is when your guests arrive at the reception venue and mill around. They can’t talk to you as you are having your photographs taken at this point, and are somewhere else.
To stop your guest being board and to help bring people together it is a great time to have some entertainment.
A magician is an ideal solution as he or she can move from one group to another with ease. There are no problems with setting up equipment. Also, no special arrangements need to be in place.

A magician can also entertain during and after the wedding breakfast in some cases. It has been known to have a magician all day.

There are of course many other things you can do to keep your guests happy just google wedding entertainment ideas, and you will get more than you can ever imagine!

The evening reception is a big consideration

Most people will have a band or disco I strongly suggest to see the band or disco before you book.

A close-up magician always goes down well but you should book in advance to make sure you get the right one. It is not uncommon to book a year in advance!

After all of these considerations, everything else could be considered unnecessary. But its the biggest day of your life so enjoy it.

Of course, there are things to think about like flowers and wedding dresses, and these are very important. I haven’t said much about them because the dress is always the first thing a bride will think of.

The basics of planning a wedding are as the title suggests basic. But if you get it wrong from the begining there might be no going back!

I hope this blog has been some help in getting a plan into place for your big day.


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